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Japan is a mysterious country. It is easy for a foreigner who does not know their culture to get in. But what if you want to get to meet  single japanese girls  to make a strong love affair. But what do you need to know about the Japanese?

The Japanese have a very strong idea that they are all members of the same community, so no one can be offended. A person accustomed, like us, to pull a blanket on himself and not think about others, they simply will not respect. Western rules, according to which everyone must succeed, and the winner receives everything, do not apply in Japan.

The mentality of the Japanese was formed on the basis of three religious and philosophical teachings: Buddhism and Confucianism borrowed from China, on the one hand, and the national Japanese religion, Shintoism, on the other. These teachings not only do not conflict with each other, but harmoniously complement and are in close cooperation with each other.

The distinctive features of the character of each of the Japanese are responsibility, patriotism, collectivism and belittling of themselves, the great role of family values, high discipline, respect for the elders in rank and age, service and benevolence with clients. When analyzing the peculiarities of Japanese thinking, one should take into account such a factor as the small territory of the country and the original form of life in Japan in the format of a village community. The Japanese believe that with such close proximity as they have, showing courtesy and courtesy is simply one way to survive.

The Japanese speech etiquette system has its own specificity, as it is a mirror reflection of the social structure of Japanese society, in which many features of patriarchal relations are still preserved. The difficulty of using the Japanese language by foreigners is compounded by the fact that the language bears the imprint of these relations, which are transmitted in it both at the lexical and grammatical levels.